Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. We are all born with different circumstances and opportunities and learn from our mistakes and experiences. The knowledge and wisdom gained are invaluable and make us stronger in mind, body and Spirit. Chris details navigating obstacles of alcohol and substance abuse, severe depression, heart break and loss from a long term relationship, being near bankruptcy and just about wanting to "throw in the towel" altogether. The only way out is through. This book gives his personal account of spontaneous Kundalini Awakening, which is the physiological mechanism of union of mind, body and Spirit. Through a disciplined approach to wellness, yoga and self-inquiry on such topics relating to Spirit, yoga, culture, society, history, philosophy, psychology, relationships, religion, freedom, genetics, evolution, mathematics, numerology, science, energy, astrology, love, paradise, eternity, consciousness and the universe; Chris established the connection with the subtle body through his energy centers (chakras). His story is there to assist any reader in making the same connection and progressing on the path of spiritual growth and development.

How to use the book

a note from the author

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to Kundalini Awakening. Each spiritual aspirant's journey is unique and personal to the individual. This is my journey. The book consists of about 250 pages of pure memoir to display my life situation and circumstances and the rest acts as a handbook or manual of sorts with a cross section of information spiritual and energetic in nature. The most important factor was that I was able to capture my elevated state of consciousness in real time. That energy level was prevalent for a good sixteen months prior to it notably fading and with that - my heighted state of consciousness. For this book to be effective, I ask you to read without judgment, keep an open mind, open-heart and to parallel certain stories and life events with your own. Not only is it recommended that the physical body be as fit and free of toxins as possible but a key component to spiritual illumination is self-reflection. That's the "inner work" we must all conduct and you will see how I processed my own.