Then it happened. This effulgent column of light and energy shot out of the top of my head. This obviously wasn't visible or a hallucination. It was an internal vision, but the feeling of it exiting was absolutely profound. My entire body lit up on the inside. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced, or for that matter, that I think is even possible to experience. It was pure bliss. It felt as if every cell in my body simultaneously turned to gold and had the most intense orgasm. Not that my physical body was experiencing an orgasm, but that every individual cell was having an orgasm at the exact same time! It felt like I shone like the light of a million suns. Another analogy that may offer a clearer description was the feeling of love between a child and a parent, but that feeling multiplied by the total of the number of people that have ever walked the Earth. My life seemed to flash before my eyes and in an instant, every important lesson I had ever learned seemed to be magnified. All the other crap, failures and wrongdoings by way of my negative thoughts, words, and deeds seemed to dissolve. They just burned up. A wealth of knowledge, which seemingly came from nowhere, was downloaded into my system. This column didn't just shoot out into space: it connected with the Absolute/Source/Creator/Great Spirit/God/Universal Consciousness. Whatever you want to call it; the divine in me connected with the divine of ALL. It was as if the energy of my body matched a divine resonance and found equanimity with the universe. The experience was unequivocally supra mundane. Like I had been there before. There is no other possible explanation. My body felt as if it were impaled on this column of light, which originated from the core of the Earth and shot out infinitely through the cosmos. As my crown chakra remained open, I just basked in the Light of the Divine, the feeling, and knowing that we are all connected was coursing through my mind, body, and soul. The next thing I know, I was AT the Light. It was in my mind's eye, this radiant disc about the size of a half-dollar was right in the center of my field of vision, which appeared to be 12 to 18 inches from my forehead. The physical world just dropped away. My consciousness merged with the Light. Here, there was no fear, pain, stress, anxiety, or suffering, only peace and pure bliss at the most profound level. I felt eternal—eternity coursing through every cell of my body. Divine love. The love and knowing that every friend and family member that had passed on was with me, and will always be with me. The feeling of being home and never wanting to leave came over me. God is unconditional love for all of Creation! I just really wanted to stay. Nothing else mattered. The Light was all around me. It was the brightest white imaginable or that can be physically perceived. It seemed to pulsate or vibrate every color of the spectrum in it at, well, the speed of light. The closest description I can come up with is that it was like a shutter on a camera clicking 186,000 times a second. If you have ever stared at the sun during safe viewing times (an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset), you'll start to see its outline, which appears to move around the circumference of the sun. I continued to gaze at the center in pure bliss. Then something happened that I wasn't expecting to see. I had three visions that seemingly popped out of the center of the disc. The first appeared to be two atomic particles dancing side-by-side, interacting with one another. Both were a darkish green color that looked like marbles but they were not made of any physical matter and had a charge around them. Meaning, it looked like lightning or electricity encircled each of them. The colors of the charges were a composite of white, gold, and light green. As they came closer to one another, the charge intensified but they remained in this happy dance together. They never seemed to touch. Their respective charges kept that from happening. In an instant, they flew off to the right of my field of vision and the next one appeared in the center of this radiant disc of light. It was a spaceship approaching the Earth. The Earth was at the bottom of my field of vision. The entire planet wasn't in view, only about a third of it was visible. The craft was in the middle of my field of vision, slowly advancing towards the Earth. It moved more towards the top of my field of vision, leaving space between the planet and the craft, and I really only caught a glimpse of the rear. I cannot possibly describe the size as there was no other object to reference other than the Earth and I don't how far away it was from the planet. It reminded me of a Star Wars star destroyer, but not as big. It definitely wasn't small. There were three burners in the back glowing in a mixture of white and gold light. There was nothing resembling exhaust emanating from the burners and the vessel appeared to be a dark metallic gray. As quickly as I took what I could from the vision, the Light outshined the Earth and the craft and it was gone. The last was a holographic or transparent image of three other images overlapping each other. They were the Giza plateau with the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, Stonehenge, and a pyramidal temple in the jungle of a culture in either Meso-America or South America. I'm pretty sure it was Mayan. The area around the temple was clear of brush and on the outskirts of the perimeter was lush vegetation. The image was absorbed by the Light, and I was left to discern my own hypothesis of why I saw what I saw. I continued to bask in the Light. I stared at the stage but I wasn't hearing the band. There was sound but I just wasn't there. That may be difficult to comprehend, but my mind was still detached from the physical world. I looked to my left, right, and at the row behind me. They were all empty! It was almost as if the energy I was emitting forced people to move or their higher selves/souls knew on a subconscious level what was happening and it was understood that I had to be there alone, isolated. I spread out my arms so I resembled a 'T' and just let the Light continue to wash over me. I glimpsed at the stage again and felt like I was ascending or levitating. I say this because as I was looking at the stage, it was comparable to standing on my tiptoes to get a better view, except that the lift was one and a half to two feet higher. I looked down to see if my feet were still on the ground and the first thing I saw was what appeared to be a long and rectangular translucent pink jewel or gem. It was maybe three inches long by two inches wide and hovered over the center of my chest where my heart chakra would be located. I never got a glimpse to verify if my feet were still on the ground. I turned my attention back to the truck. The Light was still in my mind's eye. In a flash, the Light seemingly returned to my body. It was as if this radiant disc, my inner sun separated into an infinite amount of stars stretched across the expanse of the universe with the realization of my, and every other being's equal connection to every atom within it. The vision reminded me of the Millennium Falcon entering or coming out of hyper drive in the Star Wars movies. Then it was gone.

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